Sarah Metzler

For almost a decade, Sarah Metzler has been able to name painting and ceramics among her various career ventures: she runs a small face and body painting company and sells sculptures and other works on commission and in local galleries. Ask her about some of the interesting jobs she’s had, and you could hear about anything from ice-cream trucks to tax adventures or community organizing. Sarah studied Environmental Science at University of Michigan, just an hour from her hometown north of Detroit. She relocated to Tahoe in 2016 after a visit to the place her stepsister had been calling home, drawn by the combination of mountain majesty and water big enough to evoke those Great Lakes back east.

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Albert Brown

Who’s that tall, colorful guy bringing his own flair to the Paint & Sip party? It’s Albert Brown, from Detroit. He studied Fine Arts at Schoolcraft College and Wayne State University, and his illustrations have been published and commissioned, yet the “typical” life path started to seem inevitable. Albert came to Tahoe in 2016 to find better adventure and art opportunities, and has certainly found both: the drought-ending winter was its own adventure and now he’s outgrown being shy and loves teaching paint classes to new people every week!