Abner Rivera

As a child growing up in Guatemala, I remember being amazed as I watched my older brother draw and thinking, "I want to do that too!" I have been drawing ever since. When I was 7 years old I moved to California and saw graffiti art for the first time. It had a major impact on me. As I grew up, I became more deeply involved in the graffiti genre. In high school I took art classes and began to work with different media. By the end of high school I was painting commissioned works for private residences and small businesses. As my current work is gaining publicity, I do more commissioned murals for cities, schools, medical offices, etc. I work in a variety of media including: acrylic, aerosol, airbrush, and oil. It was not so much that I chose to be an artist, but rather I realized art was already my profession, that I had been doing it for years, and it is what I want to do for the rest of my life.


Robert Schimmel

Assuming years spent doing art count, I enjoy the distinguished and humbling position as “senior” artist at Paint & Sip.  The wonderful enthusiasm this work and fellow artists bring to creating cool imagery for our friends and clientele may actually be aging me like Benjamin Button!  In my personal work my primary medium is watercolor, though I love them all and use whatever the subject or client demands.  My career started back in the ‘70’s with my father and many other nationally known artists, followed by teaching in private/public venues and selling in numerous galleries around the world.  Currently Arts Advocacy is taking up most of my energy, so be ready for an earful if you bring up the Arts in Tahoe!  And equally invigorating is hanging out and painting, so come see us for some great painting, sipping and fun!


Tyler Mikkelsen


Sarah Metzler


Craig Newman


Corbi Friberg


Matt Kauffmann